Kadisara Mee massa Sinhala essay (හරි කඩිසර මී මැස්සා)

Kadisara Mee massa Sinhala essay
Kadisara Mee massa Sinhala essay

Kadisara Mee massa Sinhala essay (හරි කඩිසර මී මැස්සා)

Very diligent bee.

The bee is a small insect that we often see. She is very diligent. The bee, an active animal, prefers to live collectively.

During the flight, the bees make a roaring noise and go from flower to flower and suck the ron. I think it’s a great design. It is because of unity and diligence that the bee has been able to take such a small amount by mouth and collect it and make honey and deposit it in the mouse.

Bees are often tempted to think about the bee colony. We know that honey given by bees is a very valuable medicine. There are people among us who sell honey and get money. If so, it shows us the great service that bees do for us.

There are several types of bees in a hive. The Queen of Bees serves as its chief. The main function of the bee is to provide protection to the queen bee. Bees are accustomed to working diligently and diligently for this.

The bee is a wonderful insect that introduces to the world the virtues of diligence, enthusiasm, co-operation, solidarity and so on.


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