Whiskas Cat Food Adult 1+ (1.2Kg)

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Product Specifications

The nutrition in Whiskas Adult Cat Food is what your cat needs to live a healthy and active life. Designed to meet your cat’s daily nutritional needs and give it all the vitamins and minerals required for long and happy life, Whiskas cat food is a comprehensive and balanced meal. Whiskas dry cat food gives cats the energy to be lively and active as well as a healthy coat, glossy eyes, and immune system. Additionally, Whiskas makes sure mealtime is enjoyable and substantial with a texture that appeals to your cat’s palate!

  • Crunchy pieces that are flavored with real fish or chicken are the ideal holiday treat for cats.
  • For pet cats, made with premium ingredients and nourishment.
  • The cat’s essential systems are supported by a unique blend of nutrients.
  • gives mature cats a glossy coat, improved vision, and increased activity.
  • When appropriately provided, a balanced cat diet can help prevent obesity in cats.
  • supported by the study conducted by Waltham Center for Pet Nutrition.
  • For cat breeds ranging from Siamese to Persian cats and British shorthair cats.