Our Children’s Library-(අපේ ළමා පුස්තකාලය )

Ape Lama Pusthakalaya sinhala essay

Ape Lama Pusthakalaya sinhala essay

I have heard that children’s libraries have sprung up in government schools in urban areas. They are full of children’s books. We strongly feel that our school does not have a good children’s library full of children’s books. I still remember the village elder explaining the benefits of having a library and saying that it would increase our literary knowledge.

He also said that reading improves the language. But unfortunately the elders of our village did not clearly understand its value. We realized that there were rich villagers who could help the children. So we decided to start a children’s library at our temple Sunday school with their financial support. We first enlisted the help of the little warriors to do this.

The first reading club meeting was held on Sunday evening. The children who attended the meeting were of the opinion that the support of the village elders should be sought for this.

Within a month a large number of villagers promised to buy the books they wanted to start the library. One great philanthropist in the village provided the furniture for our proposed library. Many others donated books.


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