My essays Grade 8- Let’s protect public property-(පොදු දේපළ සුරකිමු) -by Vinudi Sahansa

Podu Depala sinhala essay Grade 8
Podu Depala sinhala essay Grade 8

Podu Depala sinhala essay Grade 8

Podu Depala sinhala essay by Vinudi

Vinudi Sahansa Weerasuriya
Grade 8
Musaeus College

Let’s protect public property

Public places and properties that are publicly accessible to the public are called public property. All these things belong not only to the children but also to the adults of the future.

If the public property is the right of all of us, why do we have to talk about protecting it? Some people do not want to protect public property because it is not their private property. Sometimes they even dump their trash in public places. As a result, the destruction of the property becomes dirty. Future generations may lose those properties and the government will have to spend a lot of money to rebuild and repair the destroyed properties. It is the public money that has to be spent.

Schools are one of the most important public properties. Schools are being built all over Sri Lanka to educate children and to create future citizens. We are provided with desks and chairs, libraries and laboratories. It is our responsibility to protect all of this. Hospitals that treat hundreds of thousands of patients are also commonplace. Buildings spend a lot of money onwards, medicines, equipment so hospitals are also valuable public places. Also, public property such as trains and buses should be protected. Damage, tearing or scratching of property should not be allowed on public transport at a discounted price.

We know that it is the people who are destroying public property which is the right of the people. As school children, we learn to treat everything from the textbook to the building as our own.


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