Our school sports festival (අපේ පාසලේ ක්‍රීඩා උත්සවය)

Ape pasale krida uthsawaya sinhala essay
Ape pasale krida uthsawaya sinhala essay

Ape pasale krida uthsawaya sinhala essay

Ape pasale krida uthsawaya sinhala essay

Roshini Navodya Egalle
Grade 9
Holy Family Convent

Our school sports festival

We are always stuck in the book and did not participate in any other external activities. Therefore, the government has instructed all schools in the country to hold a sports festival every year to eliminate this system or pattern of working, in the same way, every day.

So before this sports festival or sports festival, we were selected for different sports, and each showed other talents. Accordingly, the teacher in charge of the house and the sisters also chose. We added a lot to our lives through the sports festival. Attributes such as leadership, team spirit, unity, etc. As the most important thing in life, we have to face both victory and defeat in everything. The fundamental human qualities are to face both situations equally.

Our sports festival was to be held on the 7th of February. So we did our training and got ready for the sports festival. In the days before the Games, children were selected for the finals by holding various sports events. So the days went by like water. Gradually, February 7, the most important day of our school, approached the day of the sports festival.

So we all came to school on Friday, February 7 at 12 noon with great pleasure. However, the fear that was hidden in that happiness was also spreading in the minds of all of us. We attended a prayer. After that, everyone lined up at the Holy Cross Stadium and left. The sports festival began. The whole school echoed with enthusiastic voices. That was the end of the sports festival. The results were presented after the demonstrations. The first place went to Leonid House, the second place to Marshall House, the third place to Sholio House and the fourth place to Loyala House.

After that, all the winners and losers congratulated each other, dancing and singing. With that joy, the sports festival ended.


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