The environment around us and our health-(අප අවට පරිසරය හා අපේ සෞඛයය)

Apa Awata Parisaraya sinhala essay

Apa Awata Parisaraya sinhala essay

The environment around us has a profound effect on our health. If the environment around us is not good, we will not be able to lead a healthy life. If our surroundings are not healthy, we will be exposed to various diseases such as cholera, yellow fever and indigestion due to the polluted environment.

We need to keep our homes, our backyards and the whole environment clean. Sunlight is very important for the human body. That is why it is so important to let the sun shine into our homes.

Get fresh air in the morning. When we go to bed at night, rooms with cozy spaces are healthier than rooms that are cramped and awake.

Everyone wants cleanliness. Rural people do not think much about this principle. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Unlike those living in continuously polluted urban areas, people living in rural areas often have access to clean air and water. The percentage of carbon dioxide in the air in urban areas is higher than in the air in rural areas. This is due to the congestion in the city, the large number of factories and the high use of vehicles.

No matter where we live, we should always be concerned about our surroundings and the environment. It is not difficult to live a good healthy life if we have a group of neighbors who care about good health.

Keeping the environment clean for good health We can start at home as a small child. We can remove water containers, clean drains, burn trash and keep the house and surroundings clean. It can be extended to school, temple and our friends can also participate in it. Keeping our health healthy in such a clean environment is a blessing in disguise.


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