Uncle Milk-(කිරි මාමා)

Kiri mama sinhala essay

Kiri mama sinhala essay


Uncle Kiri wakes us up in the morning.
Early in the morning he came to the gate and rang the bell.
Mom goes to the gate and picks up the bottle of milk.
I drink a glass of milk in the morning.
When you drink milk in the morning, your body feels healthy.
The teacher told us that cow’s milk is a good food.

When we drink milk, our young body grows.
My mother says that I get rid of many diseases because I drink milk.
Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day.
Then you will have a good healthy body.
Having a healthy body is a blessing.
Because nutrition is a cause of depression.
Drinking milk daily can lead to poor nutrition and poor mood.
If possible, everyone should drink a glass of milk in the morning.
Cow’s milk comes from cows.
That is why the cow is called a milkmaid.




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