Rabbit And The Turtle Run a Race

Once upon a time there was a turtle. One day a rabbit came at the turtle and said, “Shall we run a race?” 


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The turtle said that “ I can’t run I’m too slow not like you” however the rabbit made the turtle agree. The rabbit ran fast. The turtle went as his usual walk.


Rabbit ran fast and looked where’s the turtle. He thought “Turtle can’t run fast as I am…I can sleep a little and run again”. The rabbit fell a sleep. The turtle didn’t stop his walk.

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The turtle reached to the end of the race before the rabbit. The rabbit awoke after the turtle passed the goal.  And felt sad about his laziness.

The End

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  This story is for kids between 3 to 6 years old. Parents can read this story for kids. And kids will be attracted to this story because of it's coulourfull pictures.  
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