English Essays - Grade 04

  1. I am a girl.
  2. My name is Shabeena.
  3. I live in Panadura.
  4. I go to school.
  5. My school is Sri Sumangala girls’ school.
  6.  I have two sisters and no brothers.
  7. My mother is a house wife.
  8. My father is an Airman.
  9. My mother’s name is Sarah.
  10. My father’s name is B.M.Ismail.
  11. I like to eat ice cream.
  12. I like to drink milk.
  13. I like English.
  14. I like to be a doctor.
  15. I have two aunts and two uncles.
  16. My hobby is swimming.
  17. My favorite book is Harry Potter.

Shabeena Ismail
Grade 4B
Sri Sumangala Girls School