Let’s protect trees- by Kenul Adikari

Protect trees English essay

Let’s Protect trees English essay

Trees are one of the most important precious and magnificent creations of mother nature for us on earth. Life on earth depends on trees.

They should be protected as they provide us oxygen, food, shelter for animals, rainfalls and many more. Trees also guard us against pollution, solve the crisis of global warming, maintains underground water levels and prevents soil Ocean floods.

Trees also help to make fertilizers. If there are less trees on earth living beings have to face many obstacles such as droughts, scarcity of food, scarcity of water, produce rainfall and disturbs Eco-system. Everyone has to give their individual contribution to protect trees by planting trees and reducing the cutting down of them.

There are days such as environmental day and many more and we should mainly focus on planting trees by organising tree-planting campaigns. “Protecting a tree protecting a life”  is not totally a slogan, it’s something human beings should follow.

We must try to plant trees whenever we can and provide all the essential factors for their growth.

We must start planting trees from our home garden and make this world greener and cleaner for their future generation.

Protect trees English essay

Kenul Adikari
Grade  5, 
Vidura college


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