Nipuna - The Little Artist Who Defeated The Tsunami
Little Artist - Nipuna

Our little artist, Nipuna Sri Manodya is grade seven student at Holy Cross College, Kalutara. Nipuna has the talent of painting since his childhood. He collects all his drawing which he draws from three years of age. He had a dream to do an exhibition with his collection of drawings. He got the chance to achieve his dream in the age of eight. In that time he was a grade three student. When he was preparing for the exhibition the tsunami occurred and his collection of drawings also destroyed by the Tsunami. But Nipuna didn't like to destroy his dream. He did his exhibition with the drawings which he saved by Tsunami, and the drawings which he drew after the Tsunami. The specialty is, he exhibited the drawings ruined by the Tsunami too. That's why he named his exhibition as Tsunamiya Bonda Kala Sithuwam. Tsunami couldn't defeat Nipuna's talents. The certificates and awards which Nipuna won is the best witness for that. Little you also see this talented one's talents.

Some of the awards and certificates
Some of the Drawings
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